RENO HISTORIC RACES: Vintage Sports and Stock Cars (2006-2009)

From April 2006 to May of 2009, Here just outside of Reno at the Reno-Fernley Raceway,we hosted 4 consecutive years of Historic Races featuring many great Vintage race cars and had 4 Grand Marshals as guests to honor the Racers and to help promote the event and facility. In 2006 it was Tony Settember, in 2007 it was Brian Redman, in 2008 it was George Follmer and in 2009 the Grand Marshal was Bob Bondurant. These Historic Races were put on as an HMSA (Historic Motor Sports Assn) event with the help of many great sponsors. Over the next month or so, we will be posting some of the pictures from those wonderful races and well attended events……Tach it up.



Reno oneReno 3

Reno Historic Race #1 Poster              Reno Historic Race #3 Poster/Ad



photo (65)#2 Grand Sport

1969 Shelby Trans Am for Peter Revson      Corvette Gran Sport  AJ Foyt



234 gttero vette

GT 350 B Production Mustang               B Production Corvette   Tero Corvette



swap shop14 935 Porsche

Swap Shop IMSA 935 Porsche            Le Mans 935 Lowenbrau Porsche



McLaren 5000Eagle

McLaren Formula 5000/A                      Beautiful Gurney All American Racers Eagle



Shelby Motorsportscobra mustang logo

Iconic SHELBY logos in close ups.



Elva 11MGB GT

Classic British EP Racers:  ELVA Courier and MGB GT



gt 40 #18monster

Scuderia Filipinetti GT 40 Le Mans       Good Friend Bill Janowski in Monsteratti passes                                                                    Lister Jag and AC Bristol/ACE on Main Straight



Nickey Coopermonster pits

Nickey Chevrolet sponsored Cooper Monaco      Bill Janowski’s homebuilt “Monsteratti”


17 GenieLola T 70

Merle Brennan “Genie” of Alan Prentiss     Lola T70 of Roger Penske/Mark Donohue



250 LM250 LM Engine

Stunning Ferrari 250 LM in “Fly Yellow” that Mr Rob Walton brought out to play!




Lister-Jaguar from Intrepid Motors



190 Racerpink 935

Not too often do you see a 190 Mercedes Race Car & “KREMER” Pink Le Mans Porsche



GT 40 GridGT 40 interior

GT 40 Getting ready & out for practice      Tight fitting but pretty comfortable once set in.



Lotuslotus jr

Early Lotus JR with the very period correct Jim Clark Red interior and steering wheel



autowp.ru_mclaren_m8_1M8D rear

McLaren M8D sponsored at one time by Led Zeppelin: “HEAVY” Paint Scheme



250 #4250 LM long

Absolutely Stunning Ferrari 250 LM   with 1950’s Maserati in background


maserati 444 Jag

250 LM Ferrari     50’s Maserati             Group 44 early 80’s IMSA GTP Jaguar Prototype


gt 40 frontvette 16

Another shot of #18  GT 40 in RED     Could be one of the earliest Vette racers around

historic vette

Promo poster from 2009 with Corvette and Bob Bondurant as Grand Marshall


gt fortyposter

Second poster from 2007 with GT 40 and Tony Settember as Special Guest with HMSA.



split windowbp vette

B Production “Split Window” 1963 Corvette. Not many like this still racing these days!



photo (11)Titus Memory

Our Mustang in Jerry Titus/Shelby Racing “Gawdawful Yellow” colors….

old new

Old vs New Porsche. A Le Mans 914-6 and new GT.

Vintage Cup

Vintage Cup class start with ex Jeff Gordon Sonoma Road Race Winner taking the lead.

Formula Fords

Vintage Formula Car class on pre Grid ready to do battle.


Ernest Hemingway famous quote on Auto Racing from our 2008 Track Brochure.

RFR Promo

Beautiful promo photo for RFR and Vintage Racing we hosted for ’08.

Another interesting shot I just found from my pictures of the A.J. Foyt / John Mechum Corvette Gran Sport as raced at Sebring in 1964 against Cobras and Ferraris.

Pit shot with a variety of historic cars from the Brabham to the IMSA Chevy Monza at far end.

V-12 Ferrari Engine in the red #4 LM. Fantastic…..!!

Early ’60’s Brabham Formula 1 Car that was driven back in the day by both Jack Brabham and Denny Hulme. Both World Champions.

Part of the Vintage Winston Cup Cars with the #15 Thunderbird of Lake Speed and the Sonoma winning  Road Race Chevy Lumina of Jeff Gordon #24.


Another pic of our #17 tribute to Jerry Titus just found from prior to the final Vintage Race with HMSA. Seems like all the manufacturers are using this bright Yellow to stand out in ads for their new machines…..

2 thoughts on “RENO HISTORIC RACES: Vintage Sports and Stock Cars (2006-2009)

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  2. notorious

    Have heard some rumblings around here that someone was looking at purchasing the old RFR property. Not sure if it would possibly open again as race track or not as it has been a few years and number of things have really fallen in disrepair. I have a couple of upcoming meetings where I may be finding out what is happening…….stay tuned!

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