TRANSFORMATION MUSTANG: From a Road Racer to Drag Racer Fox Mustang Coupe

Just recently I got our small team together to discuss what to do with our 1981 Fox Body Coupe that has been in Road Race configuration for a long time, and even street legal with a Classic Plate designation for Nevada, and given that there are not many road race courses and opportunities near by, we have decided to transform the “STANG into a Drag Race machine. Between the three of us, and few more we know around these parts, we pretty much have all the parts needed to put together a Vintage Type Eighties Pro Stock Mustang and because we have had the Mustang in a tribute scheme to the Terlingua Team from Shelby, we will keep that yellow theme and do more or less a tribute livery to the DYNO DON Nicholson Fox bodied Ford from ’81-’82. A recent book came out on the Dyno man and had some great pictures of the 2 Fox ‘Stangs that he had run and we thought it would be a cool project. Goal is to try and have the car ready to test later this year and hopefully get a few runs in here locally out in Fallon, NV at Top Gun Raceway in late October and then to do more Heritage/Vintage Events starting next Spring in Las Vegas, Sacramento, Redding, Bakersfield, Firebird in Idaho and few other tracks, pending everyone’s schedules and finances.

As we move forward starting in the next few weeks I will continue to post some more pictures and comments on how the project is progressing…….So until next time…..TACH IT UP…..!!!

Our ‘STANG in the road race configuration at one of last years shows during the start of Hot August Nights here in the Reno/Tahoe area.

Dyno Don does a burnout in the Pro Stock Fox Mustang (Photo from Dyno Don book)

I have a 5.0 Mustang model that I’m putting together similar to what we are looking at doing to our “DYNO STANG”

We already have some Black, Silver and Red on ours and we’ll just be adding a bit more candy red and few other accent stripes similar to this initial start on the coupe model….

We’re not sure if we’ll go with Drag Lites or Drag Stars for wheels yet……If we can find a decent set of Super Trick Cragars for a decent price would be nice like Dyno’s original cars…

Great shot of the TRANSCO Sponsored Fox Pro Stocker with Dyno himself with crew pushing to staging lanes. (Photo from Dyno Don Book)

I have renewed our membership with NHRA and will be applying soon for numbers and licensing with our Division 7 office.

Couple of pics with a period correct Snorkel Scoop like on the real Dyno Stang…We are planning on running one also and I will be ordering a slightly lower one like this from Speedway Motors in the near future for our Vintage Machine….

Another “Shelve” shot with a little more done on the model….now about to start more on the real machine..

Little bit more to the model as we’re about ready to start some work this next week on the real machine.

Our real Road Race ‘Stang about ready to start the transformation here soon……

Hoping to get the Stang out to our local track in Fallon at Top Gun Raceway…..This is a pic from about 20 years ago at an ADRA meet when that new sanctioning group was trying to establish itself in Vintage Racing

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