MEAN GREEN MACHINE: 1970 Mach 1 Mustang

One of our close associates, tech advisor and now partner in our Drag Stang, has a classic new project for Team A Grabber Green Mach 1 Ford Mustang that has been in their family for a number of years and in garage storage needing a bit of work to get it ready to rumble again on the streets. This quintessential “Pony Car” is a slightly modified “Day Two” machine which was typical of many muscle cars of years past.

Mods for the “Mean Green” ‘Stang include a great set of period polished slotted mag wheels on raised white letter bias ply rubber and little bit of emblem clean up. Motivation comes from a built 351 Cleveland with high compression heads and pistons, but still retaining pretty much stock appearance with the famous “Shaker Scoop” and hood. This car did come stock with and automatic trans but had been converted over to a 5 speed many years back with a T-5 installed. Also some minor interior mods are in the car along with a few upgraded suspension upgrades such as a custom fabricated “Monte Carlo” tower brace to help stabilize that long front end.

Goal for the Team this year is to get the “Mean Green Machine” cleaned up and back out running again. Some old clutch issues need to be attended to and the typical going over systems on an older muscle car that has sat around for a number of years. As it warms up in to summer and on through to some of our local events like Hot August Nights around here in the Tahoe-Reno area, we will be posting some of the progress from the The Team.

Please come back again and until then…….TACH IT UP…..!!!

The Grabber Green Mach One starting to come back to life for 2019

Closer look at engine bay with few of the minor upgrades

The Seventies/Early Eighties period slotted mags look great

Always a cool sight to see the rear of one of these Mustangs. This one with just the little spoiler kick up with out the wing that was on many Mach 1 and Boss Machines

Black mostly stock interior……Classic High Back Seats and aftermarket steering wheel. Converted 5 Speed shifter from the T5 is in the shadow…

Mach 1 grill and you can see the aluminum radiator to help cool that higher compression 351 Ford.

The classic Shaker Scoop air cleaner and modified very solid adjustable strut brace. Also installed on the 351 are great looking Ford Performance finned aluminum valve covers.

One thought on “MEAN GREEN MACHINE: 1970 Mach 1 Mustang

  1. GD

    The old 351 Cleveland has life back in it as of the other day and some re wiring of the dash and a few other bits and pieces should be done soon to get this beast out to HAN this year…… Then we will be tackling the Fox Drag Car Project into the Fall this year

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