MARK DONOHUE SUNOCO FERRARI 512M: You-Tube Clip of the Penske/White Prepared Racer at Vintage Le Mans

Given that I just put up a little review of the new LEGO Ferrari 512 M kit and post for making a great Christmas gift for race fans, I thought I would post my clip of running the Donohue/Sunoco famous race car on my race simulation program with Project Cars 2 from just recently. I hadn’t run the sim in a while and thought I would get in the rig and run some laps, so I dialed up the 1971 Ferrari 512 M in the iconic livery of Sunoco Blue and Bright Yellow of the Penske/Kirk White Team and run at Vintage Le Mans. This is just a short clip of coming up into White House then through the Ford Chicane and past pits up under the Dunlop Bridge to the famous long back straight. Got a fabulous start and was able to stay out front in the Donohue Ferrari #11, ahead of the other Ferraris and Gulf Porsches to actually take the win in an “Condensed” multi-class race……

Thanks for stopping by and as always……….TACH IT UP!!

Enjoy the clip of sights and sounds of Vintage Le Mans with some of the favorite race cars of the Seventies……

The real SUNOCO Ferrari 512 M as driven by Mark Donohue and David Hobbs in 1971 a few years back after it’s restoration……Such a beautiful machine!

All you need in a race car control set up……
Doesn’t get much better than this engine in a vintage sports car……5 litre V-12 Ferrari
Another beautiful above angle shot of the Sunoco Ferrari 512 M.

(Photos of the real 512 M Ferrari courtesy of Cavallino Magazine January 1995 from our collection)

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