STP LOTUS TURBINE WEDGE: Running at Vintage Le Mans and Take Off with Project Cars 2 Sim

This a clip of running the STP Lotus Turbine Indy Wedge at Vintage Le Mans in Project Cars 2 Sim recently through the Holiday. This is in a Multi-Class race and trying to chase down a Porsche 908 Spyder on the Mulsanne Straight and when I got to the imfamous “Hump” coming towards the end before the super tight right hander, the front end gets super light and took off, but just popped a wheelie and settled back down without doing a total takeoff and wipe out like the Mercedes Sauber did few times in the mid Eighties before they put the chicanes in to slow the cars down……It was quite a ride even on just the race simulation….

After settle down going through the tight right hand Mulsanne Corner after “Take Off”…

This Indy STP Turbine Wedge is one of my all time favorite machines from “Back in the Day” and I will be adding soon to this post my story of getting to sit in this famous iconic and innovative racer……

Come back soon and as always……………………..TACH IT UP!!!

Here’s the clip on You-Tube of the “Wheelie Take Off” with the Indy Turbine Wedge……..Enjoy
Pics of the model I built of the STP Lotus Indy Turbine from 1968. The #70 was driven that year by Graham Hill who won the Indy 500 in 1966 driving a Lola/Ford and was a World Champion F1 Driver. The Lotus Wedge Indy Turbine was never actually raced at Le Mans however it was run in 1969 at Monaco in the Grand Prix….They were hard to run well in road racing given the single speed gear box and not a lot of low end torque but tons of top end speed…..

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