CORVETTE RACING AT LONG BEACH: C8R Team Leaves with the Points Lead in IMSA GTD Pro

In conjunction with the INDY CAR RACE WEEKEND on April 9-10, 2022, the IMSA Teams ran their 3rd points race of the ’22 Season at Long Beach, California. In following our American Muscle representative with the Corvette Race Team, it looked good going into Saturday’s for the Yellow #3 C8R, as Jordan Taylor had put the car on the GTD Pro Class Pole.

At the start of the race, Jordan got a great start on the rest of the GTD Class cars and kept the Corvette in first place up to the scheduled pit stop for driver change and tires/fuel. However there was a pit infraction that happened when one of the wheel nuts came loose during the tire exchange and flew over to a neighboring Porsche pit and bounced off the car in the opposite stall, causing new driver Antonio Garcia with a drive through penalty. Given the long length of the pit lane at Long Beach along the main “straight”, the #3 C8R ‘Vette ended up losing a lap to the GTD field. Towards the end of the race with a couple of yellow flags, Garcia was able to get the lost lap back and move solidly back in to contention and get a podium finish of third place. The car seemed to be running great and the team has continued to work out the changes in moving from GTLM the last few years to the new class in GTD Pro.

In salvaging the third place finish, the #3 Yellow Team is still in first place in the Championship Points with the next race coming up next month in May at another iconic track at Laguna Seca in Northern California. We are hoping to attend the event with actual location coverage.

Thanks for stopping by our site and until next time…………..TACH IT UP…….!!!

#3 C8R Corvette on Automobilista 2 Testing at Long Beach

Jordan Taylor puts the #3 C8R Corvette on the Pole in GTD PRO at Long Beach 2022

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