TESTING 2022 CORVETTE C8R IMSA: Continued Testing at Long Beach GP with Automobilista 2 on You-Tube

In our continuing segment on the upcoming 2022 Racing Season for Corvette Racing, both here in the States and abroad in Europe, we were doing some testing on our Automobilista 2 Racing Sim Program at LONG BEACH with the Corvette C8R #3 Yellow Livery to learn the new track layout and to see how the GTE configuration feels too that we posted on our You-Tube Channel, with our Logitech and GT Omega Race Rig……Getting the track down some as it is a lot different then when we were there in the late ’70’s-mid 80’s. We will be running the new ‘Vette in an I Racing ’22 partial season with my sons and want to continue to get some practice in before we start up our season…..Also been many years since we have actually been down at the Long Beach Grand Prix and we hope to possibly attend either the IMSA or Indy Car race this year for 2022.

We have another post here on the site from “back in the day” with some clips and pics from Formula 1, Indy Car, IKF Karts and some bikes too, if you want to check out and are anticipating doing the same with some new stuff from LBGP in 2022


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