RACE MOTION PIX: Digitized Film and Photo Tech Solutions

Through our nevadamusclecars.com site and a few new tech associates, we are in the process of setting up a new production service to offer to take old photos, slides, VHS and films, to put in digital format on CD and other digital media. We know that most of us “old” Motorheads and Race Drivers and Motorsport Enthusiasts have all kinds of pictures, films etc from years past and would like somehow to preserve and restore them on a better and new medium.

We are currently in the process of having some done ourselves and are looking at soon having the digitizing solutions available as both a consulting and process service here with a new production group at www. racemotionpix.com

Please come back soon as we move forward and until then…..TACH IT UP…..!!!

Film frame still shots of 1967 Indy 8mm film of Mario Andretti Championship car and Dan Gurney that we are in the process of restoring and putting in to digital media format.

Preserved slide from 1982 Long Beach Gran Prix of Didier Pironi in the Ferrari 312 T5 in hairpin before the main “straight” on Shoreline….Will be part of a number of old slides and photos put on CD from ’79-82 from LBGP…

Former Penske 1972 McLaren M-16/Indy  from Del Mar GP 1984. One of a number of prints from both the IMSA and Vintage race to be put on digital media soon as examples of final products….

Another one of our slides from Long Beach Gran Prix….This is Giles Villenueve from 1979 in Ferrari 312 T4

One of the iconic Ferrari 250 GTO’s of Tom Price at the Del Mar Gran Prix and Vintage Races from 1984 when we were there running the Javelin with Ted Roberts. This print will be part of some additional photos to be digitized in the near future as we continue with the service with Race Motion Pix……Ciao!

Another preserved print from LBGP with Alan Jones in the World Championship F1 Williams in 1982….The Aussie was one of Formula One’s true characters and a quick shooting star..

Mark Donohue wins at Indy in 1972 with Sunoco/Penske McLaren

F1 Champion Jackie Stewart in the Lola#1 T-260 Can Am racer. Photo taken at Road America in 1971. Rough day for the new L&M Team as car would only last 10 laps after having their typical engine problems that year…..great looking machine though!

Johnny Rutherford in the Chaparral “Yellow Submarine” Indy Car at Riverside International Raceway 1981

Jackie Oliver in the Shadow at Elkhart Lake 1971 Can Am

We have just finished our “Rough Cut” of the presentation disc for Race Motion Pix. We are currently making a few corrections and getting a few other old race films digitized  within next 2 weeks we will be continuing our discussions with a number of clients on additional services and looking to do few new posts on You Tube……….Stay Tuned!

Recently found “Motion” Pic of the Gurney Eagle of Lou Sellya from RFR when we hosted the Reno Historic Races in 2007…..What a beautiful sight and sound from the All American Racer..

7 thoughts on “RACE MOTION PIX: Digitized Film and Photo Tech Solutions

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  2. It is really great and helpful piece of information. RACE MOTION PIX Digitized Film and Photo Tech Solutions, I’m happy that you share you these useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

    • GD

      Thanks for the nice comments and thoughts. From looking at your site, it looks as though you and your team do some great things with film digitizing and preservation up North….

      Thanks again and keep in touch..


  3. Hey, My name is Gina. Today is a special day, because I want you to focus on what you do best and allow me to handle my passion, photography editing. When I was a kid, my father had converted the basement into a Dark Room.

    I would sit with him as he meticulously developed each roll of film. Chemicals and darkrooms have gone away as technology developed but I stayed up to date and realized my editing skills are way better and more fun!

    I am an expert editor with 10 years experience. Let me prove my skills with a no obligation Free Trial.

    Contact me by email for more info.

    • notorious

      Thanks for the offer, however we currently have a good production associate and editor. But if in the future we need some additional work done or possibly a different “take” on posts etc, we could communicate further.

      Best Regards,

  4. Elza Gnagey

    Hey i really liked you post

  5. It will be interesting to see which process from a couple of our different tech sources end up producing the best products through the Holidays as we move forward with this service. We wnat to evaluate this before investing in the equipment and capitalizing a new operation.

    Stay tuned…..

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