THE “YELLOW TURD” GOES OUT: SCCA Autocross at Stead Air Base

Earlier last month on March 12, 2017, we took out the old ’81 Mustang GT3 race car to Stead Air Base here just north of Reno, for the first Autocross of the race season. It had been over 7 years since 2010 when the car had really been run hard in any type of event since we had closed up the Reno-Fernley Raceway (RFR). The idea was to drive it out to the event like in the “old days”, since we had made the car street legal a few years back, and see if it would at least hang together as a “Vintage” racer for some runs and then back home after the event.

We actually made it out there, passed tech with a few new minor upgrades, participated and back with “No Runs,No Drips and No Errors” which was very positive. We will be back with some more about the event and some more pictures plus some anticipated Video of some of the quick prep work,trip and runs with our good friends that we are helping with some youtube footage and potential internet show called “Wheels N Motion”.

Come back later for bit more and TACH IT UP……….!!!

In line for Tech as sun come up behind the Tower.

Passed tech…….Yea!

At grid ready for runs in E-Modified class (EM) with couple of older cars but mostly newer stuff with solid turnout.

Prep work through the Cold Winter around these parts getting ready for season.

“Da Stang” at Resto Mods in Reno a month after the first runs of season with SCCA at Stead Air Base,

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