FERRARI vs PORSCHE at VINTAGE LE MANS: Iconic 512 against the 917

With the latest movie being done with the early to mid 1960’s battle between Ford and Ferrari and all of the backstory, there could also be a fantastic similar type movie done with Porsche vs Ferrari in the late 60’s into the early 1970’s when the speeds REALLY took off at Le Mans and most of the other long sports car tracks. I know there was the great film with Steve McQueen in Le Mans with a Porsche and Ferrari theme, but as good as it was, it also didn’t have any other back story between the factories and more of the ‘behind the scenes” stuff that the new movie has captured.

With the new racing sims, like the setup that we have, with Automibilista 2 and Project Cars programs that recapture racing “Back in the Day”, without spending millions of dollars to vintage race Ferrari 512’s and Porsche 917’s, you can now put yourself behind the wheel of one of the fantastic beasts and get a pretty good feel for what it was like in those battles at Le Mans, Spa, Sebring, Daytona etc etc….

Here is a clip from few years back when just getting into some race sim stuff, that we have posted on our You-Tube channel, with me running the FERRARI 512 S Long Tail vs a PORSCHE 917 Long Tail at Le Mans from 1971 in the Project Cars 2 Race Program.

The 512 S Long Tail Ferrari in 1971 was just as fast as the Long Tail 917 Porsche , and if trimmed out, could actually beat the Porsche down the long Mulsanne Straight as one set the fastest time in practice prior to the race. However the Ferrari just wasn’t has far enough along developed as the 917 as Ferrari was also heavily continuing development of the 312 Formula One Cars with a pretty small staff as told in many interviews and later books/magazines by chief engineer and Technical Director Maurio Foregauri.

Ciao for now………..Until next time, TACH IT UP…..!!!

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