We have set this up as our new site. We were originally called Reno Musclecars a number of years ago, but we have now changed to NEVADA MUSCLECARS  as we move forward with some “new” items and features and eventually some products and affiliate programs/links and even some upcoming video features called “Wheels in Motion”……

As of early November the 6th episode of “Wheels in Motion” is in final editing and it includes our GT 3 Yellow “Turd” Mustang at the SCCA Stead Air Base Autocross and part of show at Resto-Mods at Reno 17. Should be posted in early December….we did not get the chance to race the Vintage Race at Thunderhill last month unfortunately given some family things that took precedence….

Also we have now set up a service to take old films, pictures, slides etc and put them in digital form through our new production group for RACE MOTION PIX at racemotionpix.com. Please see other post on our home page……

Thanks again for Visiting and as always…. TACH IT UP……!!!


photo (19)

photo (36)Pro Stock Pet

1972 Pro Stock Camaro as run for Old Milwaukee/Musclecar Show in Chicago(1973) and Penthouse Pet of the year Karen Sather.

SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY… And this burnout is at US 30 Drag Strip (Gary, Indiana)

photo (69)photo (70)

1966 Corvette B Production SCCA Road Racer done by CUSTOM CRAFT when we were out of San Diego area, at one of the last Regional Races at Riverside International Raceway prior to the famous facility closing…..See book “Lost Road Courses” and our post.

55 tedted at lake

Our Friend Ted Roberts/Fyr Fyter Javelin

tero vette

Another ‘Vette with some past history I was around as young kid in the Chicago area. One of the Tero Corvette SCCA Cars driven by Dave Rex and later by Dave Maclymont. This car was out here in Northern Nevada a few years back when we hosted an HMSA Vintage Race at the Reno-Fernley Raceway. A young lady and her Dad from Alpine,California had restored it and had it properly attired in the relatively famous Orange and Purple paint scheme made famous from the Nickey Chevrolet Purple People Eater cars of Jim Jeffords and Ron Kaplan. Most of the team that put a couple of these cars together were from Nickey Racing and my Dad and one of our best friends were the painters in the Race Shop and did the original cars in the mid ’60’s. Saw these original cars run at Road America and Black Hawk Farms and it was really nice to see one of them again with some very nice people maintaining it. I believe they are still running a few Vintage Events such as Coronado with this brightly painted old B/P Vette.

photo (46)Javelin Wing

Ted Roberts Trans Am Javelin at Del Mar Vintage/IMSA Races early 80’s

our gt3gt 3 rear

Our GT 3 Vintage SCCA/IMSA Mustang at 2014 50th Anniversary of Mustang at Resto-Mods in Reno Show 2014 at Peppermill Resort and Casino with Reno Mustang Club

11 at AtlantisHistorical Poster

Our GT# Mustang and ’69 Vette at Atlantis this year for Hot August Nights

The yellow “TURD” after tech at Stead earlier this year. Ran solid but needs to be geared shorter for a tight small autocross course as it it geared taller for longer true road race course.

The first Old Milwaukee sponsored race car. 1968 Chevy Camaro from our good friend and prior associate Marty Haracz. Car was driven by John Rainone and Al DaPozzo  and campaigned throughout the midwest in late sixties before the ’71 Camaro Pro Stock was built.Pics are above and the new car was also sponsored by Old Millwaukee with help from Motor Sport Research….


Another classic late sixties/early seventies Drag Car. This a D/Gas 1932 5 Window Duece with a groovy paint scheme by Dad and his guys from CUSTOM CRAFT…..YA BABY!

Thanks for stopping by and as always….TACH IT UP!!!

14 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

  2. George

    I am trying to find photos of a dark green 1966 Porsche 911that ran in 1968 and 1969 but only in SCCA regionals in the upper Midwest. Driven by Ed Eisert, it always ran #7 cp. thanks!
    George Thielen

    • notorious

      We have some more photos and few 8mm films from some races at Elkhart Lake, Wilmot, Lyndale, Meadowdale etc from around that time frame. In the process of working with a tech associate on putting some on disc etc. I will look and see if there is any of a dark green #7 C Production 911 and maybe even a quick screen shot of some type.

      Thanks for visiting this site and we will have a new site with some additional things soon at racemotionpix.com….

  3. notorious

    The Yellow Mustang aka originally “The Flying Turd” is getting some quick prep work for the first SCCA Autocross of the season here locally out at Stead Air Base on March 12, 2016. It has been some time since the “Turd” has even been in any type of competition so we will see how this initial test goes this next weekend. Also I am involved with my brother and one of our good friends in their starting a internet/youtube show, “Wheels in Motion” and they will be doing some filming etc for an upcoming piece on cars that are “race” ready and still street legal and can be driven to the track/strip like in the “Old Days”.

    We will keep you posted and put up pics/link in near future……

  4. chris gherity

    The tero car you have pictured was run by dave rex and later by dave maclymont until wrecked t mid ohio in 1972. I sold mac a new nose for the car in may of 73 . As far as i know mac never ran the car again and passed away several years ago.
    Bill morrisons 68 car was destroyed at arrc in atlanta in 72 but bill runs his original mid year in vintage races at elkart lake but not in the tero colors but yellow.
    Chucks car was bought by a guy named mark childs who had his liscense pulled for failing to obey flagmen at a blackhawk in 72 and i have tryed tn locat the car for years to nn avail.
    I still work with bill as i have since 1967.
    Chris gherity

    • notorious

      Thanks for the corrections, Chris. I sent out additional email with few other comments.

    • Scott Dunbar

      Dave Maclymont put together a 1968 Corvette before he passed away. My father purchased the 1968 Corvette from Dave and raced it in 1973, He raced it in 10 SCCA National races in 1973, winning 4 races, finishing 2nd 3 times, one dnf and one dns.

      My father also was in the race at Blackhawk Farms in 1972 when Mark Childs had his license pulled for not obeying the corner worker and flagman blue flags. He blocked virtually every car who passed or lapped him the entire race until Warrn Agor (or Warren Tope?) pushed him off the track. It believe it was the last time Childs ever raced. I always wondered what became of the Corvette (former Chuck West Corvette),

      I was at the race at Mid Ohio where Dave Maclymont crashed the 67 Corvette… and I was at the ARRC runoffs race where Bill Morrison crashed (rolled) his Corvette during the runoffs after contact by another competitor. I’ve known Bill for many, many years – my father and grandparents lived in nearby Wilmette…

      • notorious

        Scott: I am assuming that your Dad is Jerry Dunbar. I saw your Dad run a number of times with the Corvette? I think most of the time. He was racing when I was at Elkhart Lake, Meadowdale, Wilmot Hills, Lynndale Farms and probably Blackhawk also when I was a kid running around with my Dad with Tero Team, Kaplan Javelins and when my Uncle was running the Elva Courier in EP back there in early to mid/late ’60’s. Nice to hear from you….. Greg
        Also,FYI speaking of Blackhawk Farms 1972, I ran my first Enduro Go Kart race with IKF at Blackhawk in May 1972 probably right around the time you mention above for SCCA races..

  5. paul doerr

    Gregor, the new format is great!…congrats to EMan…….

    • notorious

      Just put up a new picture of Ted in the Javelin,I think from Donnybrooke. I am really surprised that the gentleman that now owns this car has not painted it in the “original” lengthwise scheme that you did back then for Norris Industries. Certainly stood out as still Factory supported,but different.

      • Paul doerr

        gregor…..just saw the great shot of Teds Javelin,coming straight ahead……..never saw that pic.
        looks good

  6. notorious

    That is a good idea,Pop. I will post something here tomorrow or Tues on the passing of Mr Granatelli…

  7. paul doerr

    gregor….just saw Andy Granattelia just passed away today,might want to do a little
    memorial.seeing you interviewed on your project….in school. Great man in the
    auto industry,again did work with him when he ran the half drag races,many
    years ago….again great memories…..

  8. paul doerr

    gregor….the site looks great right on!!!

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