FORD vs FERRARI Battle at Vintage Le Mans: Our You-Tube Vid of Trans Am Mustang against Daytona 365/GTB4

This is a race simulation brief clip from Project Cars 2 of a Ford vs Ferrari battle we would have liked to have seen “Back in the Day” with a Trans Am Ford Mustang racing against Ferrari’s best GT of the time with the Daytona 365/GTB4, which did race a number of times at Le Mans and Daytona, Sebring etc.

Even though in this clip, the Mustang is a ’65 made up like the later 1970-’71 Bud Moore Trans Am cars, this would have been fantastic to see Parnelli Jones and George Follmer actually race at Le Mans against Ferrari in the GT Classes had Ford continued with full support for the battles as depicted in last years movie FORD v FERRARI…

Enjoy and as always,……TACH IT UP….!!!

Classic famous quote from Trans Am master Parnelli Jones…..”IF YOU’RE UNDER CONTROL,YOU’RE NOT GOING FAST ENOUGH”……

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