MATCHBOX CARS AT 70: The Seventieth Anniversary of the Great Die Cast Mini Cars

In 1953 a British engineer and WWII mechanic had a daughter that could take a toy with her to school, but only if it was small enough to fit in a Matchbox. So Jack Odell crafted a Lesney Steam Roller for her that was small enough to fit those specs and the reception was so great that he went on to start more cars and trucks and that would lead to The Matchbox Company and all those cool little Die Cast replica machines that we would all come to love to play with and collect. Matchbox brand is now owned by Mattel Toys, along with Hot Wheels and other iconic brands, but those fantastic little replica cars from Matchbox were probably the first for many of us to start our “Motorhead” collections. I know it was for me, as back in 1963, my Grandfather took me to a Cigar and Toy Shop in Elgin, Illinois which is outside of Chicago, and bought me my first Matchbox Car. It was the Jaguar E Type Coupe in Candy Red and was #32 of those first series of cars. Although that first Matchbox Jag ended up being lost I think when we moved when I was in 5th or 6th Grade, I was able to get another one here in the Reno/Tahoe Area about 25 years ago, in very good condition with the box from a nice old antique store. It is truly one of my prized possessions that brings back great memories of “Back in the Day”.

Mattel/Matchbox has released some 70th Anniversary models and I may have to pick one or two up even though I continue to downsize the amount of collectable stuff I have stored away and on display……..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATCHBOX at 70!…. Again, Thanks for Stopping By and TACH IT UP…….!!!

Pics of my E Type Jaguar Matchbox with the original box #32 of the Series of Cars

A relatively new Matchbox Mini Taxi

An older Matchbox ’68 Mustang with a bit of marker and paint to make a Terlingua Mustang Coupe Trans Am Car from Shelby….

A recent reissue 1964 Austin Mini Cooper that compliments my Wife’s real one that she drives…..

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