SHELBY MUSEUM AND SHOP: A Visit to the Las Vegas Gearhead Experience

Just prior to the Christmas Holiday, I was in Las Vegas to visit and to help my Son, who is a Director at UNLV, and I was able to take some time and visit the “New” Carroll Shelby Shop, Museum and Store which is now just south of the famous “Strip”, right off the Intestate 15. I say new because the older shop I had visited was out near the Las Vegas Speedway and it had been a few years back since I had been down that way. The original Las Vegas shop was MUCH smaller and was set up when Shelby was working on putting together the Series II Car and was similar in size to a few of the restoration shops that my Dad and I even had “back in the day”. This new facility is spectacular and in a great location for enthusiasts to stop by and look at some great cars, see the inner workings of the assembly/custom shop and visit their nice store for all things Shelby with Mustangs, Cobras, Ford GT and even Aston Martin and MG on display.

I actually went twice while I was down there, the first time happened to be the day they were setting up for their employee Christmas Party in the Museum Area, so some of the cars had been moved out and few were hard to get up close and personal with so I decided to head back a couple days later and spent a little more time to take some additional photos and to chat a little with a few of the people working in the Visitor Areas. Everyone was very friendly and I enjoyed the experience. I would certainly recommend that any race and/or car enthusiast visit them at the Shelby Museum/Shop while in Las Vegas and taking a break from the Gaming or other attractions while in Southern Nevada…..

Here are just a few pictures and I will be adding to them soon along with a quick video clip of a “Walk Around” of a Cobra Daytona Coupe.

Please come back, Thanks for stopping by and as always………..TACH IT UP!!!

The entry to the beautiful facility at 6405 Ensworth Street Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
Fantastic example of a “Continuation Replica” of the Le Mans 1966 Ford GT 40 MK II that was driven by Ken MIles and Denny Hulme and recently made even more famous in the movie Ford vs Ferrari….
One of my all time favorite cars is the Cobra Daytona Coupe from 1964/65 that won the GT World Championship….This again is a great Continuation Replica of one of the original 6 built. More on these to come soon…….
FIA 289 Roadster Cobra…….Loved the touch with the Christmas bow as I wish Santa would have brought it to my house.
This was really cool to see, the Aston Martin DBR1 that won Le Mans in 1959 with Carroll Shelby and Roy Salvadori driving for the factory David Brown Team and beating the dominant Ferrari and Jaguar Teams of the era. More pics to come of this Iconic Race Car…
Interior shot of how simple these cockpits were…”Back in the Day”
A very early Street Version Cobra from 1962 and in background some nice photos and story boards of the Carroll Shelby Story……
Part of the Visitor Store area with some nice large photos of the Cobra Coupes and nice shot of Peter Brock, who designed the famous sleek body of the Daytona Coupe, with one of his winning creations.
Great looking banner as posted in the museum behind the GT 40 as a tribute to both Ken Miles and Carroll Shelby from Ford Racing……
2 very nice 427 Cobra Continuation Roadsters….The far one is painted in the early color of Viking Blue and the near one is in the darker and more common color of Gaurdsman Blue…
A shot from the far end of the display museum hall back towards the entry and store.
This is an example of the historical photos in the hall…..Had to post this one for my Dad as he was a painter and body man for many many race cars in the past, including the Trans Am Javelins that ran against the Shelby Team in ’68-’69.

Again…..Come back soon for a few more pictures and some more fun information.

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