CORVETTE RACING at LE MANS: American Muscle Qualify 1 & 2 for 2022

At Le Mans, France for the World Famous running of the 24 Hours of Endurance Race in 2022, the American Team of Corvette Racing has qualified the bright yellow #64 and #63 C8R race cars in the first and second places on the grid in the GTE-Pro class. Nick Tandy, driving the #64 ‘Vette is the “Hyperpole” winner and Antonio Garcia is in the second starting position with the #63 team car.

Tandy is driving with team mates Tommy Milner and Alex Sims in their first full season of competition with the FIA/WEC Series in Europe representing the American Team from Chevrolet/Corvette Racing. The team cars have both been very impressive since last Sunday’s testing sessions up through qualifying paces against the likes of Porsche, Ferrari and other top marques.

The Iconic race is set to start on June 11, 2022 and finish on June 12, 2022 in the afternoon at the circuit in Le Mans, France. Stay tuned to see how the Corvette C8R’s finish in this always tough and fast paced race…..

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The #64 Corvette C8R of Tandy, Milner and Sims during night practice.

The #63 bright yellow C8R just past the famous Dunlop Bridge.

2 thoughts on “CORVETTE RACING at LE MANS: American Muscle Qualify 1 & 2 for 2022

  1. GD

    Well the update on the Corvette Team at Le Mans 2 days after the race is unfortunately not real good…..The #63 Car went out with some mechanical/rear suspension issues and the #64 Car had worked it way back into the lead at around the 19th hour mark, when they got “punted” into the wall by an amateur LMP2 driver towards the end of the Mulsanne Straight before the two tight right handers to put them out…..It was a real bone head move by the LMP2 driver, but not much could be done. The driver felt bad and knew he made a big mistake and even came to the Vette Garage later to apologize, but obviously the damage was already done and the C8R had to be parked for the rest of the race….

  2. GD

    Corvette Racing’s last class win was in 2015 in the C7R. See if they can get a win this year after finishing 2nd last year in the then new C8R…….If the they do get a class win it will be the first win at Le Mans for the C8R mid engine race ‘Vette.

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