SOMERSETT SUMMER SHOW: Our First Event of the 2021 Season

On July 10, 2021, The community of Somersett here in the Reno/Tahoe Area that we live in held it’s 2nd annual Car Show and Festivities. It was held at the Town Centre, where I actually have a small office, and is only about 10 minutes away from our house. It was a nice event advertised as “Festivities with Cars,Tunes, Eats and More” and was put on to help attract people and families to some of the newly opened businesses at the community’s commercial district.

Below are some pictures from the event which had around 80 cars and a nice mix of cars from newer Ferrari to older Hot Rods and Muscle Cars. Our hats off to the group of hard working people who organized and set up this event.

Enjoy the pics and until next time………TACH IT UP..!!!

Fantastic to see a few “Supercars” on the patio. Here’s a 2012 Ferrari 458

Doesn’t get much sweeter than this for views of engines.

Below our office on the patio area included this 2015 Shelby Mustang GT with the older ’68 Mustang Fastback in the background.

Don’t see many of the old Hudsons around. Fantastic restoration of a 1950 Hudson Pacemaker

Entry row including a couple of Corvettes, a new McLaren and a early sixties Toyota Corona.

British Sports Cars represented by this Morgan Roadster.

Great example of the iconic late 1960’s Ford Bronco with full offroad equipment.

Doesn’t get much better than this for old Porsche fans. Early Seventies 911 RS with “Ducktail”…

Early 2000’s Dodge Viper roadster with hardtop with ’68 Pontiac GTO in background…

New McLaren with the 2 Ferraris and 2 Mustangs in background on the patio/green area.

With the whole eclectic mix of cars at the event, this is another car I haven’t seen in a long time. A pristine example of one of the first models of Toyota to be imported into the United States. A very early ’60’s Corona brought by the son of the original owners. While this isn’t a performance car by any stretch, both my wife and I loved seeing this one. When I lived in San Diego and was in HS , used to see quite a few of these as John Rose Toyota in Mission Valley, was pretty close by and was the first Toyota dealer in the US…..

Nice ’32 Ford Roadster with beautiful cranberry red candy paint.

My Dad came out for a bit. Looking at a spectacular 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia Special from Maranello.

Mid seventies Jensen- Healey Convertible on some green…..

Nice 1965 Ford Mustang GT Convertible.

Couple of Volkswagens…..Again do not see many of these “notchback” VW’s around. Neat to see with the 1969 BUG Convertible in the back.

Tough looking Black Cobra.

And last but not least, we brought out our ’81 Mustang Road Race Car. It is always fun letting some of the kids sit in the car to make Racing Fans out of them……Also gave out some of our Coloring Books that I continue to work on with some agreements etc……TACH IT UP!!!

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