HOT AUGUST NIGHTS 2019: Cruising Action and Show at The Atlantis.

After the Kickoff at beginning of the first week here in August 2019 and a days break for a few things, we headed out to the Atlantis Casino and Resort to meet up with some of our Northern Nevada Group and watch the cruisin’ action. Over all these many years of participating in HAN ,we really like to hang most of the time at the Atlantis with then a few timely runs back down to the Peppermill Casino to cruise through later in the evening where they have lots of flashing lights and usually a pretty good sized crowd. Here are just a few pics from the Mid-Week Show and Friday/Saturday Cruise. We certainly did see more cars and people this year than the last 5-6 years during the economic downturn. This years 33rd event was a “Sellout” we heard with all the official registered spaces being sold. Good job also again by HAN and all the efforts of the people involved with putting on this massive event………………TACH IT UP…!!!

The front end of our good friend Lane’s absolutely beautiful 1956 Chevy Nomad Wagon. Down from Oregon for his yearly trip to our special event

Rear quarter and front end pix of the “MAD sandwiched between our Yellow Sub-Stang and ‘Ol Blue the Chevy NOVA……

Group of nice guys from the Bay Area camped out across from our lineup here at Atlantis. They brought with them 3 outstanding looking machines with a 1970 Chevelle SS with new LS Power, the ’66 Hardtop Mustang and a similar prepped to our GT3 Mustang, early ’70’s Mercury Capri Autocross Car with Turbo T-Bird motor in the engine bay…….

A very cool 1957 Chevy Stock Car near our “camp”….

Love seeing some different engines in the Hot Rods that are out and about. This one uses a GMC Straight 6 with an old 3 pot manifold for carburation and straight pipes with a salt flats racer theme…..

Classic 1956 Chevy Corvette with a “Dual Quad” Small Block engine. White with red accent cove and interior looks awesome……Think Mr Duntov would approve..

Super looking 1954 Chevy with candy red paint and great stance with the big Cragar Wheels.

Another very beautiful candy red paint job was on this 1968 Pontiac Firebird with the flat black spoiler and custom mirrors…..

For a while we were not seeing to many of these Mercury Cougars, but now seem to be a popular Muscle Car choice to bring out to play. Very nice example here : 1967 Cougar with vinyl top and period correct American Torque Thrust wheels. Big Kitty purring very nicely….

Spectacular 1971 BOSS 351 Ford Mustang “Flatback”. Back in the day one of the Fastest Production Cars around. Looks great in the Yellow and Flat Black treatment like our FOX Body Stang………Thumbs Up!

Stunning very customized 1965 Chevy Chevelle brought here from Mississippi as part of the Cruise of Champions this week. This car was recently in the Detroit Auto Show and was a Finalist to the the very prestigious RIDLER AWARD for the nations best customs. Too much here to print but just to say this is one fantastic example of automotive art being built today……….

Line up of our group at the Atlantis. Front to rear is , 1969 Chevy Corvette Stringray with ZL-1 replica stripe, our road race SCCA Vintage Production MUSTANG, the 1956 NOMAD, ‘Ol Blue the 1972 Chevy Nova, ’66 Ford Mustang “notchback’ and at far end another yellow machine, 1971 Corvette. Also, Mustang row from the other night at Peppermill is visible behind us.

Reverse of the above pic starting with the Screamin’ Yellow Corvette….

Beautiful replica of one of our favorite race cars of all time. 1965 COBRA DAYTONA COUPE. These kit cars from typically either Factory 5 or SuperFormance are really nice now in their fiberglass forms etc etc…..World Champions in 1965 against Ferrari.

Little bit of “Auction Action” over at the Convention Center. This years auction was run by MAG Auctions and again seems to have had a very solid turnout for the 3 days.

Stunning ’41 WILLYS GASSER cruises by our group. Seeing few more of these but never seem to be any of the also popular, back in the day, 1933 Willys like the old Ohio George……..

Love these old FORD F1 trucks. This is a nice mild custom candy red early 1950’s pickup……..”A Better Idea”..

For you Sports Car Fans, here was a 1974/75 Pantera.

Beautiful candy colors and flame combination on this ’60’s NOVA..

Iconic “Grabber Blue” 1969 Ford Mustang with the Cobra-Jet hood scoop

Back at the MAG Auction here is a very clean 1961 Mercury Comet that sold at a reasonable price given its original condition. Black with red interior. Had to post this picture as a tribute to my late grandfather who had one like this that I used to ride in with him as a very young boy to go out to get old Matchbox cars and probably helped to start my affection for these old “Musclecars”……..

Solid 1972 AMC JAVELIN SST cruises by our camp on Saturday.

Always a lot of nicely done early first generation Chevy Camaros out and about. This is a 1968 with the Rally Sport grill..

Another old Chevy that caught my was this 1960 Convertible Impala parked behind our end of the row…

This pic for my wife, an original mid sixties MINI COOPER……”Ya Baby”. We have the new version of this car in same blue with white rally stripes in the garage for her to scoot around in here in town…..Paddy Hopkirk would be proud for all you Mini history fans…

Pretty cool “HERBIE” ’66/67 VW Bug heads by just at dusk.

Last, but not least, is this smiling young lady, Olivia, the daughter of one of our associates, strapped in the YELLOW STANG GT3. A budding young Racer for sure. We love to let the kids sit in the race car and usually have one of our helmets with us for them to put on and get their pictures taken by Mom and Dad, and us sometimes.Have to get them interested young if you can for keeping the sport/hobby viable and moving forward……

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