BONANZA SHOW & SHINE: Fathers Day Weekend in North Reno

On Saturday June 15, 2019 here in the Reno/Tahoe Area, The Bonanza Casino hosted their annual “Fathers Day Weekend” show. This year was a bit different for participants as the North Reno Casino allowed ALL YEARS AND ALL MODELS to show their machines. This is a growing trend that we certainly support to get some “New Blood” into some of these events. In the past they just mirrored the cutoff dates that HOT AUGUST NIGHTS allow to officially enter. This year HAN has finally expanded up to 1979.

This event also raises monies for a good cause for Prostate Cancer Research. We had not participated in this event for a few years and decided to head up that way to put the SCCA Road Race Mustang in their parking lot for a bit and look around. There was a good turnout with everything from Rat Rods to newer Corvettes and Mustangs.

Here are a few pictures from this years event at the Bonanza Casino. Enjoy and Thanks for visiting and as always……..TACH IT UP…..!!!

Fantastic looking 1941 WILLYs COUPE with Small Block Ford motivation. Always love to see these classic drag style Willys out and about….

Very bright Yellow ’32 Deuce Ford roadster with soft top and full fenders. TOP NOTCH!

Nicely done ’64 Fastback ‘Vette with couple of mild custom touches.

Very clean late Eighties Grand National Buick with Turbo V6. Again it is great to see these now at the shows.

Superb 1967 Pontiac GTO with an old Daimler in the background.

One of the prettiest cars from the Sixties for sure. 1965 Buick Riviera. Classic Bill Mitchell styling from the GM Design Chief.

Our friend Don brought out his recently finished bright red 1964 Chevy El Camino.

Nicely done late sixties C/10 Chevy Step Side truck with a ’71 Chevy Vega Wagon in back.

Another very cool truck was this ’66 FORD Long Bed just down from us in the back.

Volkwagen was represented well with a “Surfer Style” early ’60’s Bus/Pickup, a Square Back and the pristine cream colored Ghia. Also note the Stude in back.

1963 Dodge Dart with a 413 “Really Diggin In”……

Something you do not see too often, a mid Sixties MG Sedan. Built to compete with Mini-Cooper but never really as popular. This great British machine was super clean.

’68 Pontiac GTO with the “bumper less Endura’ grill

For all the MOPAR MANIACS out there, a passionate pink ‘CUDA

This is a nice GULF OIL colored ’66 Mustang Fastback

And representing the “road racers” was our YELLOW SUB-STANG flanked by 2 very nice machines, the ’41 Willys and a beautiful candy blue Ford 4×4.

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