HOT AUGUST NIGHTS 2019: Spring Fever Revival

On Friday May 17, 2019 and Saturday May 18, here in the Reno area, HOT AUGUST NIGHTS held their first event of the season with the SPRING FEVER REVIVAL in downtown Reno on Virginia Street. The main street through “Casino Row” was closed off between 1st and 5th Streets, under the famous “Biggest Little City” arch, to host around 300-350 cars for the 2 day event.This was the first year that we participated in the downtown Spring Event after being in the big event in August with numerous cars over the last 30 years. Up until recently, the spring event was held usually at one of the casino parking lots, but a few years back, the organizers of HAN decided to do it downtown. The “older” spring venue always seemed good, pending weather for this time of year, so a number of people we know were a bit miffed as to why the change. Also, we had heard some very “Mixed” reviews from car owners about have their cars downtown for a number of reasons.

So for this year,since we have entered our bright yellow Mustang Fox Bodied Race Car officially entered in the August event, we thought we would check it out for ourselves. Outside of the weather being typical for spring time around here, that is cold with a bit of rain and threat of snow, we thought it was a well run event with a good turnout,especially on the Saturday, and it was nice being downtown with the back drop of some of the older buildings and casinos.Good Job and thumbs up to the HAN organization. Met and talked to a number of nice people, both locals and some visitors, and no incidents at all and really enjoyed it and did a bit of promotion on our Race Motion Pix things that we are just getting started on for digitizing old films, slides etc etc.

It was ironic that for the Friday event, we were parked in a great spot right in front of the entrance to HARRAHS Casino. Last time we participated in a downtown show was for “Sports Cars and All That Jazz” in the late ’90’s, with a Porsche that we were racing at the time and we we were put in the same spot. It was Deja Vu all over again to quote Yogi Berra…..

Below are a few pics from the event. We will be posting some more in the near future both here and you can visit our new sister site at . Thanks and as always…..TACH IT UP……..!!!

Our bright yellow “Teringua Tribute” Mustang Coupe SCCA Road Race Car in that same spot from a number of years ago, in a Chevy sandwich between 2 real nice 1969 Camaros.

Down further on Virginia Street near Circus-Circus, John brought out his fantastic 1967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback with the Trans-Am theme. Love the MINI-LITE period wheels and Springtime Yellow with blacked out hood and scoop.

Local couple brought their FIA Styled COBRA. I love it when people use the early lighter silver blue with the international stripe on the Shelbys. This one has a small block Ford with Webers as the originals ran back in the day in the early 1960’s..

Very cool Straight Axle Gasser Chevy II with the famous Reno Arch in background.

Here are two old cars you typically won’t see together too often. 1958 Chevy Impala and a early 70’s Datsun 240Z. Both in great looking blues.

Super nice “Z” and again love the Mini-Lite or Panasport Wheels for period race theme.

Beautifully done Chevy II wagon with the Woodie theme from the SEMA Show from Las Vegas.

Right behind our set up was this excellent 1969 Citrus Green Chevy Camaro Z-28 with Rally Stripes and updated wheels and rubber…

The other 1969 Camaro that “sandwiched” us, was a super looking Marina Blue with a blown small block that sounded very nasty….

Look down Virginia Street across from us at some great machines and the arch early on Friday AM…

Nothing better in the Hot Rodding World than a traditional 5 window Ford Coupe, A or Duece, with a Flat Head Mill.

Awesome ’40 WILLYS Gasser

Very bright and slammed ’55 Chevy Step Side. Love the custom touches with shaved door handles and small race mirrors with tinted windows and subtle side paint accents….

This 1970 Black SS El Camino brings back some fond memories of our ISCA Show days with the Custom Craft cars from POP’s shop back in the Day….

Great looking ’65 Corvette Sting Ray with C5 later Wheels and minor mods. Love to see old ‘Vettes like this that set themselves apart from the same ol’ crowd….

Superb early seventies “Flat Back” Mustang Mach 1. Old Bunkie Knudsen would be happy to see this one…..Ya Baby!

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