HOT ROD LINCOLN: Adopting the La Carerra Panamericana Winner

The National Automobile Museum is here in Reno, which was formerly the Harrah Collection of famed local collector Bill Harrah, and it’s Management has a special program called “Adopt A Car”. After not having our membership for a number of years and not participating in some of the Museum’s activities since the RFR days, we have rejoined now and as our “adopted” car we are the proud new caretakers of the famous 1954 Lincoln which was the 1954 Winning Stock Car for the Internationally Renowned Road Race, The La Carerra Panamericana.

This race prepped Hot Rod Lincoln was driven by Ray Crawford, from Southern California, and Enrique Iglesias of Mexico, with sporsorship from Crawfords Markets.

Here are some pictures from the hall in the museum and in the near future we plan on a much bigger post and story of the race and car along with a couple of filmed segments at the museum.

We are very pleased and honored to have been given the opportunity to “adopt” and be the caretakers of the famous race winning car.

Please come back soon as we continue down the road with the HOT ROD LINCOLN………Until then, TACH IT UP…….!!!

A few various pics of the La Carerra Winning Lincoln along the race lane in the museum, placed among some other classic race machines.

Stock Bench Seat and Wheel with just a few extra knobs and race belts and at least a roll bar for the big ol’ Lincoln….

Our sign now up after rejoining as an Adopt A Car Contributing Member.

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