HOT AUGUST NIGHTS 2018: Sunday Kickoff at The Park

It had been over 20 years since HAN had an “Official” Event at San Rafael Park. For 2018, H.A.N. had the Locals/Official “Kickoff” in the park here in Reno which is located just North of downtown and right near the UNR Campus. When Hot August Nights started over 30 years ago, there used to be a big show both in the Park and over at UNR called Hamburger Haven. That was back when HAN was a “rouge” event and most of the casinos wanted nothing to do with it until they figured out it was drawing a large amount of tourists to the area and they could hop on the bandwagon and make huge dollars….

It was nice to be back at the park, as we have been participating in HAN since 1991, with many cars. The smoke had cleared out for the day and estimates were at over 600 cars showing up. This event was held prior to the official sign in registration and there is a bit of logical discretion on letting in some additional cars, like our race Mustang, that is just outside of the cutoff year at 1976.

Here are a few pics from the event at “THE PARK” and we will post few more later from the Atlantis Casino later in the week.


Until Next Time………………TACH IT UP…..!!!


One of the Official HAN booths for event items.

Our GT3 SCCA road race Mustang from the early “80’s. I had put on the HOT ROD Power Club “Founding Member” plate from many years ago to take up to the event and had many people ask me about it and the Power Tour. This was quite a few years before the Tour when we were RENO MUSCLECARS and we part of the initial group that kind of turned into the Tour, but we did more testing of new parts and things etc from different manufacturers as part of HOT ROD Magazine.

The Nevada Musclecars “ol blue”  SS Nova, of my Brother’s  with our “Stang and few others in background.

Another friend of our Group’s Dad brought out this fantastic, and relatively rare, 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone. Always loved the Comets, as you usually see plenty of the similar Ford Fairlanes, but not many of these for sure.


Seventies era styled 1968 Camaro, with the proper “Drag Stance” from back then with great slotted mags. This car is also quite rare in that it has a bench seat that was ordered from the factory.

Beautiful 1957 T-Bird representing the quintessential ’50’s group.


Fellow Mustang road racing fan with a superb 1967 Fastback that had been down to Las Vegas earlier in the year for the Shelby Bash…..


This VW Square Back brought back a lot of memories from all the Bugs we have also had in the past…….Pat D, where are you?


The British Crowd has a few machines there this year too. Nice yellow Morgan and a row of Austins, Triumphs and MG’s…..More Tea Anyone?

Old roadster Corvette was “quite right”…..


Very “OLD SCHOOL” ’29 A Hot Rod with the back east channeled 5 window coupe body and very deep and straight candy burgundy metalflake paint from Da Old Days…..


Very well done ’55 F150 Ford Pickup.


No big show would be complete without one of the Big Monster Caddie’s from the late “50’s.


Another very clean Camaro. This one is a 1967 and also has a bench seat. Rare enough to see one at a show but two at same show is almost unheard of anymore….This one pretty much a “Stocker”..


For the Mopar Fans in the crowd a 340 ‘CUDA.


A solid 1968 Mercury Cougar was also on display. Great dark maroon paint and always loved these hideaway front ends.

Our ’60’s-70’s-80’s Muscle Lineup…..1966 Chevy Chevelle….1971 Chevy Nova SS….1981 Ford Mustang GT3 notchback


After finding my old “FOUNDING MEMBER” HOT ROD Power Club Plate and quick prep before heading over for a day in the park…

Hot Rod Lincoln from the early Eighties with the Big 460 Ford V-8 for motivating…..


Nice looking Pro-Touring styled 1966 Mustang Coupe


Yours truly, standing behind “ol blue” and our Road Race Mustang. I normally do not post too many people pic here on site, but this one was in newspaper site for the Kickoff at the Park. Young reporter was a race fan and liked seeing something a bit different….That news site is :……Thanks for the press again.


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  1. Kevin Dach

    Great website. Those are some amazing cars.

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