RENO AIR RACES: The Last Year for These Internationally Famous Races in 2023

Given that many “Motorheads” are also aviation and Vintage Plane fans, I am going to post some pictures from our other Internationally Famous event here in the Reno-Tahoe Area. The Reno Air Races, which are held in September each year, are held at the Stead Air Base about 20 minutes northwest of downtown Reno. The Reno Air Races have been a staple for plane and air race fans since the early 1960’s and annually brings thousands of fans from all over the world. However, earlier this year RARA the Reno Air Race Association, announced that this year in 2023 would be the last year of holding the races at the Stead Air Base. They are looking at other potential areas to hold these fantastic events, however it’s a pretty tough venue to get approved somewhere to get all the boxes checked off, so to speak, and it’s liability is massive for underwriters. Even about 12 years ago when many of the issues started to come up and looking to move, we had some very preliminary discussions with RARA about maybe looking at our planning area in Fernley, when we had the small airport under lease with the State of Nevada, in conjunction with our Race Track. We had even had a small airshow and some flybys for a Vintage Race Event with both cars and planes.

It’s sad to see the event go as we have been regular attendees for over 30 years and have even had some good friends have a few vintage planes on static display out there for the events. It will be real interesting to see if this event lands somewhere, pun intended, or just ends up another Air Show. Here are just a few pics from a few years and I will embed a vid or two from You-tube that I have up on a Channel…..

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A Navy Tiger Cat from around 2000

A Corsair with wings folded up for better Carrier storage in the Pits at last years event in 2022

A late WWII Spitfire on display in 2023. What a great looking plane!

Another fantastic late war plane in the Bearcat

Back in 2002, here is a B-25 Bomber on display at Stead

A P-51D Mustang around the turn one pylon. What a great sound!

There is typically an Aerial Demonstration Team that performs……Here are the famous Navy Blue Angels

One of my favorite planes and a favorite pic from all these years ago is this Navy Tigercat with the Stead Tower in the background.

Quick video post from my You-Tube Channel of “The Sounds of Unlimited Air Racing, Reno Style”

This is our Promotional Poster from 2007 where we had Vintage Planes and Vintage Racing Cars together at RFR

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