FERRARI 250 GT SWB at VINTAGE Le MANS: Iconic Race Car in Multi-Class in Project Cars 2021

The iconic Ferrari 250 GT Short Wheel Base (SWB) from 1959 is one of our all time favorite cars and arguably one of the prettiest cars of the 1950’s and early ’60’s. This was a super high performance machine that could, and was, driven as a true street car and then driven to the race track on the weekend and pounded very hard at a race and driven back home. If you’ve ever heard one of these race cam prepared V-12 engines, you can attest to it’s truely “Muscle Car” raspy nastiness.

This is just a shot clip posted on our You-Tube Channel of running the SWB Ferrari in a Multi-Class session at Vintage Le Mans on the Project Cars Sim Program with our Logitech and GT Omega rig set-up. Because we run our Mustang in the Yellow with Black Stripes livery, we usually choose that color scheme for these sim programs as we did here. Related team to the factory, back in the day of Eucurie Francorchamps from Belgium, ran in the Yellow, so it’s pretty period correct.

Until next time…………………..TACH IT UP!!!

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