COOL SEPTEMBER DAZE 2023 : Car Show at Heavenly Village in South Tahoe

Last weekend my wife and I were up in Lake Tahoe at South Shore to get a little break from some of the things going on these days down here in the valley near Reno, and while we were doing our exploring happened to see a Car Show. It was a nice smallish size event at the outdoor courtyard area of Heavenly Village where the gondola is that take you up top to the ski mountain. It reminded me of the Fall Shows we used to do at Victorian Square in Sparks before putting the cars away for the upcoming Winter….

Here are a few pictures from COOL SEPTEMBER DAZE at Heavenly Village. Again, Thanks for stopping by and as always……..TACH IT UP…..!!!

Shot from across the street from the Village Courtyard with Heavenly Ski Mountain in background.

Awesome ’31 Ford A Sedan with an ARDUN Head 4 Banger in it’s engine bay.

Main walkway of the Village with a nice grouping of cool machines on display.

Good looking 1956 Chevy Post Coupe like my wife and I had a few years back that we put in Hot Augusts Nights for cruisin’

Super clean 1934 Ford 5 window coupe with a Flathead Mill with 3 Stromberg Carbs….

One of the best looking best looking Vintage Pickups of all time…..1940 Ford

1968 Chevy El Camino……With all of these we’ve had I had to grab a shot….

1971 beautiful Chevy Camaro Z/28 with classic Cragar Mags

Another Superb ’56 Chevy Bel Air coupe “Shoebox” in Dusk Pearl White combo….

1936 Chevy with a very mild chop top that was just “Right”….

COOL SEPTEMBER DAZE at Heavenly Village Lake Tahoe……..good showing at the Lake.

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