AMERICAN MUSCLE AT LE MANS 2023: NASCAR/Hendricks to Run Camaro in Garage 56

For the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans this year in 2023, NASCAR along with Hendricks Motorsport, are going to race a specially prepared Chevy Camaro in the recently established program called Garage 56. The organizers allow for new manufacturers to showcase machines with differing technologies to compete in the famous race in France. Regulations and specs must be met in accordance with race directors and passing the rigorious Tech Inspection that is traditional at Le Mans. This will be the first time since the early ’70’s that a NASCAR Type car will be raced at the 24 hour race at Le Mans.

The race is this weekend on June 10-11. The Team has been working and testing this Camaro for around a year and the drivers include Jenson Butten, F1 Champ, Jimmie Johnson Nascar Champ and Michael Rockenfeller, WEC and Sports Car Champ along with veteran Team Manager in Chad Knaus.

Lets cheer on the “American Muscle” Team to a solid finish ……….TACH IT UP!!!

The Team after Tech Inspection and the Parade of Cars (Photos from The Racers Channel)

Garage 56 area with the Camaro ready to head out for practice.

Camaro comes out of the Ford Chicane onto the straight past the pits.

Pride of America on main straight with the Cadillac Prototype from IMSA about to overtake the NASCAR Garage 56 Camaro…..

The Team pushes the Garage 56 Camaro to Tech and then the Parade for Le Mans 2023.

The great looking #24 Silver,Gold and Blue themed Camaro from NASCAR…..

Ya Baby……Heartbeat of America TACH IT UP!!!

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