GT WORLD CHALLENGE: FANATEC Series in America at Somoma 2022

Over the Easter Weekend of April 16-17, 2022 here in the Western US, the FANATEC GT World Challenge Series had one of their America Races at Sonoma Raceway in the Bay Area just north of San Fransisco in California. They ran both the GT3 and GT4 Spec Cars along with some of the Touring Cars that compete both here and abroad in Europe. Both of my Sons, one from Sacramento, Ca and the other from here in Nevada from down in Las Vegas, were able to head over and catch some of the action for the first round on Saturday the 16th. As usual, these series do not draw a huge amount of spectators, but they do get the diehard true Sports Car and GT Fans that want a chance to see up close these fantastic race machines on an iconic road circuit.

Now with great Internet feeds, we are able to stream many different races and I was able to watch a good chunk of the GT3 and GT4 Heats on a You-Tube Channel, while my Sons sent me Live Updates and pics, which was really cool.

Here are a few pictures from the GT WORLD CHALLENGE in Somoma 2022 and as always……Thanks for stopping by and when you can……….TACH IT UP!!!

This is new SUPRA GT4

Lambo #1 was the winner from both days in GT3………Wicked looking machine!

Awesome Porsche GT3 from Wright Motorsports

AF Corsa 488 FERRARI ready to head out to run in GT4……….This was the winning race car in GT 4 at Somoma in FANATEC America

Celebration of the Ferrari AF Corsa first place win on the podium….

New M8 BMW getting ready to be buttoned up and out to play in GT3….

The new GT4 Ford Mustang by Multimatic being tested by Billy Johnson and company with aims then to update these to GT3 next year with support from Ford and to be run in GTD next year with IMSA…….TOO COOL!

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