2021 HOT AUGUST NIGHTS: Second Day Out Pictures

Here in Reno we have had terrible smoke fill the valley for the last couple of days. On the Friday of HAN for 2021 we decided to leave the Race Mustang at home, and not sit out in the very unhealthful air for number of hours, but we did attend the M.A.G. Auctions event at the Convention Center and just do a quick walk around at the Atlantis, our usual hangout. Here are a few pics from the day. Again pending weather the smoke clears out better over weekend, not sure if we’ll be going back out or not…….think it’s probably 50/50.


This is a very cool FIAT 124 Spyder that had a V-8 engine in it and a fantastic dark candy red paint work.

Beautiful 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am “Bandit” Style…..Always loved these front ends!

For the Hot Rod “Open Motoring” Roadster Crowd, here is nicely done ’32 with classic flame job..

For all you Mopar Madness Fans, a sleek black ’71 ‘CUDA that was super straight…..

For all us Mustang Lovers, here is nice GT 350 Tribute in Black with infamous stripes in White..

And then for the Chevy fans this is a beautiful bright yellow with black Rally Striped ’69 Camaro Z/28 with the hideway headlight RS grill front end.

The Camaro also had the classic “Cross Ram” induction manifold with the dual quad Holley carbs under the cowl induction hood……always a favorite too..

Last but not least for pics of the Friday Show, is a Flathead Ford V-8 with the “Sharp” Heads which were there at the start of the Hot Rodding old time era……

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