HOT AUGUST NIGHTS 2019: Fall Frenzy Show in Sparks

This years FALL FRENZY Show with Hot Augusts Nights was held once again at the Baldini’s Casino in Sparks,Nevada. This show/shine is the last “official” event of the season and is usually participated by mostly the “die-hard” locals cruisers and is now also held in conjunction with the annual Coat Drive charity event that is sponsored by the Hot August Nights Foundation. The weather around these parts in the Reno/Tahoe Area can sometimes be a “Crap Shoot”, pun intended, but this year was fantastic.

Attendance seemed to be up a bit with the great weather at probably around the anticipated 250 cars. After returning from a 10 day trip of Northern California coast and mountains the day before the event, I ended up having an issue with the carb on our MUSTANG GT3 SCCA Road Race car that we have been taking to some of the shows, so it stayed home in the morning as I did not feel much like trying to rebuild the old Holley in an hour,so we only brought out the Nevada 1969 Vette for a little bit at the beginning of the show……

Here are a few pics below from the the morning of the show and as always,

TACH IT UP……………..!!!

Long time HAN participant Jack brought out his beautiful 1967 Chevy convertible with Big Block Chevy under that big hood…..

The 1969 Vette in the early am sunshine next to the convertible Chevy………

Big Monster 1959 Olds Dynamic 88…… not see too many of these running around.

Line up of 68 Vette Roadster, ’67 Camaro and the ’66 Black Dodge Dart along the row of HAN booths

1970 Dodge Challenger with optional vinyl roof for the MOPAR fans.

Interesting setup with the old NASH Metro and little tow rig and old “Bumper” car in period pink.

’71 Corvette coupe looked great with later style Silver Anniversary Turbine wheels…….

Mid Seventies MUSTANG II Coupe. Starting to see more of these out and about like our early FOX bodied MUSTANG four eyed coupe…

1965 Corvair for all you Nadar Haters out there…….

Well done early 70’s Datsun 240 Z with a small block chevy dropped in to the engine bay…….loved the minor flare work and rear wing.

Seeing more 2nd Gen Camaros also now. This one is a 1971 with standard front and RS styled blacked out grill……looks great in red.

Then in contrast to the ’71 Camaro above is this 1967 Camaro. This one is very rare as it sports an optional bench seat. Super clean.

1927/26 FORD “Phone Booth” T Hot Rod pulls by us……TACH IT UP…!!!

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