SAN DIEGO GRAND PRIX: IMSA and Vintage Races from Del Mar 1980’s: Our Production on You-Tube

Here is another one of our videos put up on You-Tube recently of the San Diego Grand Prix and an initial VINTAGE RACE at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in 1984/85. We were there with our good friend Ted Roberts, who assisted with putting on the Vintage Event and drove the #55 AMC Javelin. Dad had originally helped to prep and painted Ted’s Trans Am, ex Ronnie Kaplan car, for the races that Ted participated in back in 1969-1970 in the SCCA Trans Am series with the Fyr Fyter and Norris Industries sponsorship. Dad was the painter for Kaplan and Team Javelin and painted the original vertical RED,WHITE and BLUE on the AMC Team Cars, so for Ted’s car they came up with the horizontal theme as seen in some of our and other photos and films. The car that Ted had here at Del Mar was an earlier ’68, and he chose to replicate the “standard” vertical stripes you’ll see on his ‘ol 55…

These were some old cleaned up slides I took from the event that have been digitized with our team from

TACH IT UP…..!!!

A somewhat fade old photo from our archives of Ted’s original Trans Am Javelin very soon after Dad had finished the “length wise” RED, WHITE and BLUE livery. This photo was signed later by Ted after we assisted him with the Vintage Races at Del Mar.

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