Vintage/Historic Racing

Vintage/Historic Racing: We will soon also show some Vintage and Historic Racecars that  were or are part of the either the Nevada Musclecar stable or were friends or associates. First up will be the : Old Milwaukee Pro Stock Camaro of Marty Haracz and John Rainone from NHRA Division 3 (1971-73) and the 1968 “Old Milwaukee” #1 of Haracz,Rainone & DaPozza.   TACH IT UP……………………!!

photo (36)CamaroBbb

Feature Coming Soon: OLD MILWAUKEE CAMARO’s

photo (40)

Another Pro Stock Camaro done at CUSTOM CRAFT

The “Righteous HUGGER”


photo (52)

“Lil Bit O’ Heaven”  ‘Cuda Funny Car for Chapman Automotive done by CUSTOM CRAFT  circa 1972/73


3 thoughts on “Vintage/Historic Racing

  1. Old Milwaukee Camaro…I drove that fine piece of machinery. It was always a blast. I guess I had a need for speed.
    We were in UDRA Pro Stock. Did quite a bit of traveling. We were someplace different every weekend.
    Marty Haracz, Bob Johnson, Art Venturi and myself were partners. We called ourselves ‘Pro Stock Incorporated’..”PSI”.
    Great times, lots of work and had a lot of fun along the way. JR

    • notorious

      Hi John: Great to hear from you. I am glad you saw the pictures on the site of the awesome “OLD MILWAUKEE CAMARO” from all those years ago. Loved that Pro Stocker!
      I will send you a separate email next week as I would like to chat a bit more. Spoke with Marty last year some time as I was starting to put some of this stuff up as both Pop and I had not seen him for a number of years after we all had moved to San Diego around the same time in mid 70’s and even had a shop together for some time before moving up this way to Reno-Tahoe area.
      CHEERS…… Greg Doerr

  2. gd

    Great site.

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