NORTHERN NEVADA RACE TRACK: Former Reno-Fernley Raceway Under New Ownership.


The former Reno-Fernley Raceway property that included the Road Course, Drag Strip and Skidpad/Testing Areas, has been purchased by a new owner recently here in the Reno/Tahoe area of Northern Nevada. The Reno-Fernley Raceway,RFR, operated previously from 1998-2010 with a dirt oval, expanded road course configurations, testing area and drag strip in Fernley, Nevada which is a growing suburb of Reno/Sparks and is located along Interstate 80 with the facility just to the South on Highway 95A. The site itself is approximately 400 acres, near a private airstrip,Tiger Field in Lyon County Nevada.

The new owner is Dan Shore, a San Francisco Bay Area developer and long time motorsport enthusiast, that moved up this way to the Reno/Tahoe area recently for other business interests and recognized an opportunity to move forward with the former race facility and Master Plan.

Given my past experiences with the former facility plans and ownership, I have had a number of discussions with Mr Shore on the future direction and current planning efforts. The new ownership is starting a Preliminary Feasibility Stage to determine which uses and configuration(s) to move forward and initial clean up has been underway for a few months to look at possibility of hosting some events coming up in 2020.

Given that the Road Course and Drag Strip surfaces have not been used for any events over the last 8/9 years, the AC and subsurface conditions are being evaluated to determine how much of the track areas can be utilized without a Major Re-Paving Operation to make the facility safe and marketable to sanctioning bodies and race organizations.

We will be continuing to meet and get updates from Dan Shore and his team in the future and when more current information is available we will be posting on this new and exciting announcement for Motorsport and Racing Fans.

Stay Tuned and Come Back Soon……..As Always, TACH IT UP………!!!

Promotional picture from 2008 at former RFR and the Reno Historic Races

A Promotional Clip as shot by one of the local TV stations as part of our efforts back in 2009 to link with G.A.S.S. which was Great American Stock Car Series by Chris Evans Racing, to create an “Arrive and Drive” Western States Series. This is one of our posts of part of the clip that was put up on You-tube earlier this year……..In it you can see the track in use from close to 10 years ago.

6 thoughts on “NORTHERN NEVADA RACE TRACK: Former Reno-Fernley Raceway Under New Ownership.

  1. Richard

    Attended the spring meeting on the Dirt side of the property.
    Looks like the new owners are very serious about bringing the Dirt back to life and are putting time and money into making it happen.
    Learned that the Dirt and Road courses are now separate properties.
    OK, this is Nevada so no shortage of free Dirt to play on, but playing on the paved public street now gets fines/jail time that are too much to bear, we need the Road course back in operation ASAP!
    Really do not want to have to go to Kali. for track time, how may I help to get this track open again?
    I’m in Yerington so it’s not too long a drive for me.

    • GD

      Yes Richard we would like to see the Road Course and Drag Strip back operational after all these many years of sitting too.

      Since the Covid shutdown, I have not seen the new owner and not sure what status of dollars being raised etc etc to try and get the track back operational status is at for them. They were looking at more of a “Private Club” type facility and improvements when I last had meeting with current owner. I do plan on trying to get back together with Mr Shore in the near future on few things and will try to see what is happening with the continued efforts.

      Thanks for checking in……..GREG

  2. Richard Brengman

    Currently building a street legal vintage Sports-Racer replica.
    Also have a couple of production sports cars and an El Camino unlike any other.
    REALLY want to see some local track days return.
    Semi-retired and willing to put in hours to make it happen.

  3. wayne romans

    Just an idea, the biggest thing now days is atv events.
    You might want to consider a off road park with camping facilities, it would be a year round park like sand mountain.

  4. Cody

    I’m certainly hoping for the drag strip!

    • notorious

      I believe the plan will be to bring back an 1/8 mile Drag Strip from the old concrete launch pad on to the front straight. Will pass on comment to new team and when we have more info will post more as plans move forward…..

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